Paseczek for Business

Modern tool for effective and efficient distribution of information within the company.

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What is the Paseczek for Business?

Paseczek for Business is a solution allowing quick and efficient informing the employees. The idea of Paseczek is a possibility to legibly present the information not disturbing at work.

Using Professional version additionally increases the effectiveness of Paseczek by addressing, prioritization and different visual styles of displayed messages.


Administration Service is a basic component of the system. Service is run on one of your servers. All Paseczeks running on workstations in your company connect with it in order to download the configuration and messages.

Remote access

Administration Service is managed by Administration Panel open in a web browser. Thanks to this it is possible to manage the system from any place in the world.

The most important system advantages


The information presented by Paseczek cannot be unnoticed, it does not lose in the thick of things. Recipient cannot delete either purposely or by mistake the information passed by Paseczek. Thanks to this fact the sender is nearly 100% sure that the recipient read the message.

Validity periods

The sender decides when the message is current and only then it is displayed on employees' workstations. Thanks to that users do not waste their time on filtering out-of-date information.

Independence of e-mail

Paseczek is run on employees' workstations non-stop. As soon as the computer connects with the network, Paseczek joins the server and starts scrolling up-to-date messages no matter if the employee wants it or not.

Cyclic messages

Only by means of Paseczek you will not forget about cyclic informing your employees about things really important to you.


Messages can be addressed to users or group of users. System can integrate with Active Directory, thanks to which it is easy to search and choose recipients of the messages. Thanks to that user receive only these messages that concern him or her.

Does not disturb

Despite its effectiveness, Paseczek does not disturb users during their work. Plurality of automatic hiding and showing options, translucency, mouse transparency are only few examples of features created for the convenience of users.

Open architecture

Administration Service can read information from external RSS feeds and through addressing distribute them to specific users. This allows integration with other business systems.

SMS gateway

Paseczek for Business can optionally send SMS text messages to recipients. Thanks to that, effectiveness of the system rises even more. * On request

Integration with e-mail

Paseczek for Business can optionally send e-mails to message recipients. Thanks to that, effectiveness of the system rises even more. * On request