Paseczek for Business

Modern tool for effective and efficient distribution of information within the company.

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History of Paseczek

  • Paseczek - BETA

    2013-10-21 20:25:17
    • Fixed: Problem with vertical shift of side panels (Windows 8) when Paseczek is in "always on top" mode.
    • Fixed: Problem that may cause waking a computer from sleep/hibernation.
    • Fixed: The auto show feature doesn't work when there are new messages to display.
  • Paseczek - BETA

    2013-01-24 14:36:10
    • Problem with pulled out descriptions of messages when Paseczek works vertically has been fixed. The problem could have caused program's crash.
    • Problem with channels without titles has been fixed. Paseczek marked them as inactive.
  • Paseczek - BETA

    2013-01-16 10:32:40
    • Fixed a problem with pop-up descriptions of messages when Paseczek is working vertically. The problem could cause crash of Paseczek.
  • Paseczek - BETA

    2012-12-21 11:47:30
    • We have completely rewritten popup message descriptions. Now they look better, open smoother and work properly on Windows 8.
    • We improved the installer to enable installation without administrator privileges.
    • We fixed the bug which could have cause problems with starting Paseczek on some computers ("Failed to load the default skin!").
  • Paseczek - BETA

    2012-11-08 17:32:55
    • Google+ support added.
    • Facebook support added.
    • Visual changes in message preview window.


The idea for a program that scrolls current information on the computer desktop appeared already in 2004. The prototype was made very quickly, but it took us more than a year to develop algorithms and technologies that make the program fast, efficient and user-friendly.

In June 2006 we published the first stable version of the program. It turned out that the program is good, works and a lot of people like it and use it. Most of web services dealing with software gave us high (most often the highest) rating.

Paseczek is used on about 40,000 computers all over Poland today.


Premiere of a new version of iPlus manager program took place in February 2009. One of the element of new iPlus manager was Paseczek under a different name, namely Informer. Thanks to cooperation with the Polkomtel S.A. Paseczek was expanded by arrangements thanks to which users can change appearance of the program.

Paseczek for Business

In September 2009 a large international company (that wishes to remain anonymous) contacted with us asking to create a system for internal communication. The system was to be based on the Paseczek.

The assumption was that the system has to load the corporate network and workstations in the least degree. That is how Paseczek for Business was born. System is still working for the customer and does not require any maintenance from our side (over three years one failure occurred).