Paseczek for Business

Modern tool for effective and efficient distribution of information within the company.

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System features

Unique in global scale

Paseczek for Business is a unique solution in a global scale. Paseczek itself has no equivalent all over the world.Same goes with Paseczek for Business.

The entire system has been designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness with minimum resources involved.

Below is the list of the most important system features.


Professional version was created for large and medium-sized enterprises. It allows to use all advantages of Administration Service, i.e.: addressing messages, message validity periods, central configuration, etc.


Basic version only allows the use of Paseczek in the company. All the features delivered by Administration Service do not concern this version. It is a good solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Various look of messages

Paseczek for Business allows displaying messages in different visual forms. You can change the text color, background color, add an icon or an image (can be an animated GIF). Also blinking effect can be added to displayed texts and their backgrounds.


The unique feature of the system is possibility to address messages to definite users or group of users. Paseczek for Business integrates with Active Directory, thanks to which it is easy to find and choose recipients of the messages.

Central configuration

Administration Panel allows configuration of all instances of Paseczek run on company's workstation. This way every Paseczek inside the network can be controlled in a simple way.

Open architecture

Administration Service can read information from external RSS feeds and through addressing distribute them to specific users. This allows integration with other business systems.

Remote access

Administration Panel is run in a web browser thanks to which it is possible to manage the system from any place in the world. Of course everything is up to network administrators.


Paseczek was designed to satisfy the most demanding computer users. Thanks to this you can freely modify its appearance, location and behavior.


The unique feature of Paseczek for Business is an ability to proritize messages. Messages with critical priority are displayed out of order, as soon as possible. Additionally, visual style of such messages can be changed.


Low network load

The system was designed to reduce the network traffic to a minimum. Sent are only those messages that are supposed to be displayed on definite Paseczek and only when it is necessary.


Paseczek was designed to disturb work of other applications on the workstation to the least degree. Windows Remote Desktop (RDP), in particular.

Stable Paseczek

Paseczek is now used on more than 40,000 different computers in Poland. It guarantees stability independent from the hardware and software configuration of workstations.

Easy installation

Administration Service and Administration Panel are both installed by a single installer. They do not have any additional requirements apart from .NET Framework 3.5. The installer includes internal database server and its own HTTP server.

MSI installer

Paseczek's installer is available in two versions: MSI and EXE. Both installers allow configuration of the installation proccess to satisfy the most demanding administrators.