Paseczek for Business

Modern tool for effective and efficient distribution of information within the company.

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Any appearance of Paseczek

Default appearance of Paseczek is very ascetic. Thanks to arrangements you can change background color (gradient as well), frame color, frame thickness, font, text color, visual style of message preview, etc.

Paseczek for Business in Professional version allows displaying messages in different visual styles. Messages can have different text and backgroud color; can have an icon and a picture (e.g. animated GIF). Messages can also be animated - blinking effect of text and/or background.

In the browser

Administration Panel uses Sencha's ExtJS and it works with every single web browser - without need to install additional software. Thanks to this, it looks like usual desktop applications, such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

No trainings

Paseczek is so intuitive and user-friendly that virtually requires no manual or training. Every computer user (regardless of knowledge and experience) just knows what Paseczek does and how to use it.